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Sep. 17th, 2008


Not For Zombies Credits

Downloading images from Not For Zombies is quick and easy!

It will only take a moment to complete the steps required to access our excellent collection of quality royalty free stock images.

• 1 - Get Zombified: First of all you’ll have to Register , it’s FREE! (All ready registered? Login above)

• 2 - Select the number of download credits you would like to purchase by clicking on the corresponding "BUY" button.

• 3 - Search our collection of 1.7 million images, select the images you need and download, it’s that easy, even a Zombie could do it!

Not for Zombies provides easy access to fantastic low cost royalty free images, no catches, no strings, just great images.

To download images, you purchase image credits which are sold in USD, GBP and Euro and cost the same what ever currency you purchase in*.

If you have any questions please email us on <a href="mailto:info@notforzombies.com>info@notforzombies.com</a>. Prices are shown exclusive of any applicable Tax. *exchange rates may vary

Mar. 14th, 2008


Writer's Block: The Things We Carry

What do you always carry with you?
wallet, keys, phone

Submission guidelines for photographers & graphic designers

I am posting a guide to submitting stock images and vector art to Not for Zombies. This applies to all graphic designers and photographers who are submitting stock :)
Submitting Stock Images (Guidelines)Collapse )

About NFZ

This is an email blast created to explain what NFZ is for buyers/people downloading images that creatives found on places like livejournal and deviantart have uploaded to us for stock sales.

Mar. 11th, 2008


New Avatar on my NFZ Profile

woop. So wow, 232 images uploaded for not for zombies. high five.
I changed my avatar today finally from my lovely cat with the melon on its head lol
Taken from a user on http://community.livejournal.com/1cons.


I love it long time :)

Uploading images to Not for Zombies

I have written this post in the "What’s new" section on the website as an add on but this is important so please read!!

Images need to be 300 dpi. Preferably 5700x3800 pixels (A3 Size) These images should save between 2-4mb

Once your image has been uploaded you need to hit the EDIT button and include a title and at least 10 keywords before it can be evaluated.

Any questions please feel free to ask

Mar. 5th, 2008


Not for Zombies - directed at Designers, web designers and creatives

Another day in the office!! Gaining some momentum with the site which is great..

Whether you just want to browse our huge image gallery or want to share your personal photos with others, Not for Zombies is perfect you.. and hopefully your design concept.

With not for zombies you can browse through the categories of our huge gallery containing millions of quality stock photos by more than 25.000 photographers.. we share content with sites such as istock and 123rf, as well as content uploaded from our own creatives.

Graphic designers and photograhers can share their photos with fellow designers and companies... NFZ is a friendly community of photography addicts who generously offer their works to the public on a small credit basis. If you have some nice photos that you'd like to share with others and get a small cut of the sale.. come take a look at the site and get uploading
Not for Zombies Web site

Woo the Home Page

Not for Zombies

This is a sample shot of our new homepage layout. Including a featured creative so we can occaisonally show case images from creatives in our community

The benefits of joining not for zombies - for buyers and submitters

Buy and sell quality stock images, mix with like minded creatives, submit and showcase your own personal portfolio of creative work and enjoy the other luxurious benefits of being Zombified.

Are you a Buyer of stock images?

Stock buyers can access well over 1.5 million quality stock images which are priced at deliciously competitive level and are, for some, just too tempting to resist.

We’re adding thousands of new images each week so the site remains fresh, funky and fun to work with. Browse our image community and see what other like minded creatives are up to. You never know where the next big idea comes from!

Are you a Submitter of stock images?

Any creative can join Not For Zombies and add photos, illustrations, vector art and other types of digital images suitable for stock photography to our online collection of stock photos. Sell this work as Royalty Free imagery to our global audience and earn real cash.

Are you Creative and need somewhere to showcase your work?

Make use of our 50mb of free space for your personal portfolio area. Use this area to display (images) of your creative work and share this with friends, family, colleagues or potential employers. Why not use this forum to show case your creative talents or even sell your work to potential buyers from around the world.

Your personal portfolio is designed to show case work that is not suitable to sell under a royalty free license (what is suitable for royalty free licensing). We’re even thinking art, sculpture and even installations show it to a Global audience and see where it can take you.

Joining Not For Zombies is easy and free and packed with loads of benefits:

· You can register as a buyer or submitter for free

· You don’t have to add any royalty free stock to obtain personal
storage space

· Control your own portfolio buy adding and removing images,
it’s all under your control

· Create your own personal area to showcase and sell unique
creative work

· Your own pro-style sub domain
(http://www.Not For Zombies.com/USER/USERNAME)

· Extensive community features including discussion forums and
industry news

· Access to a global audience of consumers of creative products.

What we do for our members:

· We provide an e-commerce store-front for selling stock photos
and limited editions

· We advertise and actively promote to professional creative
companies and photo buyers

· Advanced Google optimisation strategies to gain world-wide

· Provide customer service

· Manage all interactions and securely deliver images to buyers

· Protect copyright with watermarks

· 50% payout from sales paid to you by checks or PayPal

Get Zombified today and start selling your photos and creative work to publishers, web designers, advertising agencies, design houses and creative professionals from around the world.

How to make money from selling your stock photography with us

This includes Photographers and Graphic Designers wanting to sell images, in Jpeg format and Vector Graphics.

Your creative work could be worth money. With the boom of technology and the easy of loading and presenting copyrighted material online, the stock photography industry is a perfect environment for people to unlock value in their creative work.

Not for Zombies provides an safe online environment for you to host and publish your creative work. We are skilled retailers of stock images and drive large volumes of traffic to our site. We license the use of your images and remit a royalty payment to you for downloads of your images.

The interface between you and the customer is web based, providing an easy-to-use environment for you to upload and manage your content. This in turn provides customers with an easy search, selection and download mechanism.

Preparing the Photograph

Before uploading your photographs to Not for Zombies, you need to make sure you comply with our image guidelines.
A stock photo is an image that someone could conceivably want to use for something. Imagine if you’ve taken a photo of a pretty girl holding a mobile phone to her shoulder, and typing on her laptop at the same time. If you have a model release for the picture (i.e. if the model doesn’t mind her photo being used, and you’ve got a piece of paper confirming that), there are a thousand and one uses for the picture. A newspaper may be doing an article about stress. A magazine may need an image to illustrate the dangers of mobile phone use. An job advert might need to appeal to a female audience. The possibilities are endless, but key to all of this is your photo.

Choosing Keywords

If you don’t index your photographs with good keywords, you will never get good exposure. You are competing against more than one million pictures and about 5,000 photographs added each week.
Put a lot of effort into the keywords that you use. If you have good pictures that customers can use, attaching good keywords will give you the best rating and maximum downloads. So, how do you select your keywords? The best way is to look at similar photographs uploaded by other users to get ideas. You can also use a thesaurus to find synonyms. Do not use keywords that make no sense or have no relevance to the image.

Getting Paid

Once you have accumulated a fixed amount of money you can get paid. Usually this amount is between $75-$100. You can get a cheque, bank transfer or use paypal.

Filtering and Choosing Photographs
• When you are considering your portfolio, it is important for you to consider the following point: does your photograph has a value as an illustration, or as a concept, or idea that a customer can benefit from?

• For example, a photograph of a businessman in a suit climbing a mountain will sell better that a shot of a mosquito on a pinhead.

• A lady holding a disk in one hand and a handful of dollar notes on the other hand, will sell better the a photograph of a hippopotamus chasing a crocodile.

• It’s important to remember that this has nothing to do with the quality of the photographs. Not for Zombies and our customers are looking for clear ideas and concepts that their clients can use.

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